Violent offender arrested 4 days after release, public warning: EPS

A 22-year-old convicted violent offender is back in jail just days after officers issued a public warning about him, Edmonton Police Service announced Thursday.

EPS sent an alert about Jaycee Bigstone last Wednesday when he was released from jail, saying his crimes have caused physical harm to victims and he’s known to use weapons.

Officers believed he would commit another offence.

Bigstone was released under strict conditions, including a curfew and a ban on using weapons and intoxicating substances. He was also required to tell his supervisor about any vehicle he had access to.

“On Sunday…Bigstone left his approved residence and was arrested a few hours later by the Westlock RCMP,” EPS Sgt. Dan Tames said.

“He was found in possession of a stolen vehicle and was breaching numerous conditions of his release order.”

Bigstone has been remanded. His next court date is Jan. 12.

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