The colder it gets, the cheaper candy will be at this Edmonton store

EDMONTON — A local candy store is offering a sweet deal this month. The colder it gets, the cheaper candy will be at Sweet Convenience.

For example, if the temperature is -25 C, bulk candy will be 25 per cent off at the store located on 169 Street and 107 Avenue.

“I’m always trying to come up with something fun and creative to do,” said Sweet Convenience owner Laurie Radostits, who has held stocking stuffer sales and ladies night events. “This is the first time we do a weather sale.”

Those who don’t like the cold can cheer themselves up with some cheap candy, and it’s been “pretty popular” as temperatures continue to drop.

“Yesterday I didn’t have a customer for an hour and a half, and today they were waiting when I opened, so yay,” Radostits said.

Judging by the forecast, discounts will be even better next week. Including wind chill, which counts for the discount, temperatures are expected to go as low as -40 C.

Bulk candy will be on sale until the end of the month.