Poilievre says he shares Alberta concerns over ‘just transition’ legislation

Pierre Poilievre, leader of Canada’s Conservative Party, was in Calgary Wednesday to speak about rising crime rates and increased housing costs.

Poilievre told reporters that he met with Alberta premier Danielle Smith last week, when she was in Ottawa.

The pair talked about healthcare, public safety and the province’s energy sector.

Poilievre says he shares Alberta’s concerns surrounding pending “just transition” federal legislation.

“This is a deliberate, radical agenda by the costly coalition of the NDP and Justin Trudeau to shut down our resources and make us hopelessly dependent on foreign polluting dictatorships,” said Poilievre.

“Every time Justin Trudeau attacks our energy sector, a big smile appears on the face of Vladimir Putin because it means him and other dictators alike, will control more of the world’s energy market.”

The pending federal legislation is geared to transition oil and gas workers from the energy sector to more renewable green energy jobs in the future.

Last week, Smith said her meeting with the prime minister went well, stating clearly that she wants to see all wording around “just transition” dropped, as it signals an end to Alberta’s energy sector.

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