Pandemic-friendly Christmas carols: Local singers use TV and Zoom to spread holiday cheer

EDMONTON — A pair of carolers from Strictly Business theatre are spreading holiday cheer thanks to the magic of Zoom and their Christmas Cheer Mobile.

Kayla Nickel and Kelsey Visscher had been performing live carols until new provincial restrictions were introduced.

In order to keep the Christmas cheer going, they pre-recorded the carols on video. Now they’re driving around and lifting the automatic tailgate on their SUV to reveal a TV in the back with the carol performance.

They also have a web cam so they can include a live question and answer portion through Zoom while remaining physically distanced.

“We really enjoyed it! It was a great surprise,” said audience member Angelica Borsellino.

“I expected the two girls to get out of the vehicle. I did not expect a TV screen!”

You can find out more about the Christmas Cheer Mobile online. 

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