Josh Classen’s forecast: Sun and temps in the 20s (for a day)

Warm and sunny for much of today in the Edmonton region and surrounding areas.

A few clouds will move through, but more sun than cloud on the whole.

AND…it should be a quieter day for showers and thunderstorms. (For today, at least. Back to unsettled after today.)


Parts of the Edmonton region got three separate shots of precipitation Wednesday.

One in the afternoon, a thunderstorm late in the evening and then a shower overnight.

Our network of rain gauges around the city measured between 2 and 6 mm of rain.


The main area of shower and thunderstorm activity in Alberta today will be in the northeast corner of the province.

That’s not to see there won’t be ANY precipitation elsewhere. But…the northeast is where most of the action will be.


Edmonton gets back to a risk of late-day shower (possibly a thunderstorm) on Friday.

THEN…the weekend has changed.


Saturday’s probably just a “mix of sun and cloud” with a CHANCE of some late-day showers.

Sunday’s a bit of a question mark at this point.

There’s a low-pressure system that’ll move into southeast Alberta and could bring heavy, steady rain to the south.

How far north does that rain stretch and what’s the timing?

Those are the two main questions at this point.


Once scenario has the rain all staying in southern and western Alberta Sunday/Monday.

Another has it pushing north into the Edmonton region for late Sunday and possibly early Monday.

We’ll know more in the coming days.


Here’s the forecast for Edmonton:


Today – Sunny this morning. A few clouds this afternoon.

High: 21


Tonight – Becoming cloudy overnight.

9pm: 16


Friday – Mostly cloudy. 40% chance of a shower.

Morning Low: 12

Afternoon High: 20


Saturday – Mix of sun & cloud. 60% chance of a shower.

Morning Low: 9

Afternoon High: 18


Sunday – Mix of sun & cloud. 70% chance of late-day showers or rain.

Morning Low: 7

Afternoon High: 16


Monday – 40% chance of rain in the morning. Then…clearing.

Morning Low: 5

Afternoon High: 17


Tuesday – Mainly sunny.

Morning Low: 4

Afternoon High: 19  

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