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Jackpot! Edmontonians cash in $2 million scratch ticket

An Edmonton couple is celebrating after a stroke of luck landed them with a $2 million scratch ticket.

Matthew McDougall and Thaiwan Warulang claimed the winnings in March and said they won’t have trouble figuring out what to do with the money.

“We booked a month-long trip to Thailand just before Christmas,” said Warulang in a news release. “Maybe we’ll upgrade our plane tickets.”

McDougall picked up the winning 20X Supreme ticket when he decided to take a break from his usual scratch ticket.

“I hadn’t won anything in a while…So, I thought I would try this one,” he said.

“At first, I thought we won $2,000…But there were too many zeroes for that. Then I thought maybe $200,000,” Warulang added. “Matt looked at the screen and was like, ‘I think you missed a zero – that’s $2,000,000!'”

The two also said they want to use the winnings to invest and help their families.

“The thought of being debt-free is more than enough,” McDougall said. “We’re going to invest wisely and make sure we’re comfortable forever.”

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