‘It’s very important’: Edmonton sending pallets of pet food to Ukraine

Seven pallets loaded with dog food are bound for Ukraine, as part of a weekly aid package shipped from the Alberta capital.

“It’s very important. In times of war, perhaps we don’t think about it, and we think about delivering food to people, but they have pets,” said organizer and former deputy premier Thomas Lukaszuk.

He and former premier Ed Stelmach are part of a group that sends a container of donations to the warzone every week.

A large shipment of cat food will also be sent, Lukaszuk said. The donations were collected from local veterinarians.

“We hope that there will be more because I imagine the need is quite dire,” Lukaszuk said.

Leashes and medications for pets are also being collected and shipped.

The group has already sent more than 35 tonnes of aid to Ukraine, including medical and first aid equipment, stretchers, thermal blankets, sleeping bags and wheelchairs.

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