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Georges Laraque, Snoop Dogg link up for t-shirt collab ahead of Rogers Place concert

Death Row Hockey.

What else would a t-shirt collab between Snoop Dogg and Georges Laraque say?

The rapper is touring Canada and is making t-shirts with an enforcer in each city.

“When he went to Montreal I saw him there, but there’s no way I’m doing merch with the Montreal Canadiens,” Laraque told CTV News Edmonton Thursday. “I was here the longest. Edmonton is my home, it’s the team that drafted me, the team I played with the longest. The team I have the nicest memories of. I wanted to do it with that team.

“It’s an honour. When they contacted me to do this, I was like, ‘Hell, yes, for sure.'”

The t-shirt will be available at Snoop Dogg’s concert at Rogers Place Thursday night, and online at a later date.

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