Free or low-cost things to do with your family over Christmas break

With Christmas break approaching, many families are looking for free or low-cost things to do.

Local parenting blogger Christie Bruckmann of Just Another Edmonton Mommy is sharing some tips.

Edmonton Public Library offers programming for children and adults of all ages.

“Over the Christmas break, there actually are quite a few activities that are happening. There’s family movie days, there’s actually Lego activities,” Bruckmann told CTV News Edmonton.

“They really are making it so it’s accessible to a lot of different people in a variety of different avenues. It’s not just books and magazines anymore.”

Parents looking to tire out their kids after a few too many Christmas cookies may want to look into an indoor playground.

“There’s so many indoor playgrounds that offer early-bird pricing in the morning, or they offer discounts the last hour before [closing],” she said.

There’s even a new indoor playground in the city for children with sensory issues.

“It’s called We Rock the Spectrum, so it’s an inclusive playground, there’s lots of sensory play items, and kids can just go there and be kids.”

“This is just a less stimulating way for their kids to go and burn off some steam.”

For families hoping to take advantage of warmer weather outdoors, Bruckmann has lots of suggestions, including Northern Lights Mini Golf, an ice mini golf course.

“It’s out at Cattail Crossing and there’s mini golf, there’s ice sculptures, there’s hot chocolate, it just looks like a really cool and fun experience for those who are maybe looking to drive outside the city for some fun for a day.”

There are also options inside the city, including the Snow Way Out snow maze at Ice District.

“It’s supposed to be a really huge and exciting maze that so many people are excited for. For a family of four it’s about $54.”

The City of Edmonton is also offering a number of free, outdoor events at a number of parks.

“On the 30th and 31 they’re going to be doing things like having a fire, doing orienteering, I believe kick-sledding is one of them. There’s going to be hot chocolate. So just another great opportunity that’s also free for people to go outside.” 

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