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EPS releases video of ‘encampment cave’ in Edmonton River Valley

Edmonton police have released video of a cave found by Alberta Sheriffs in the river valley that was being used for shelter.

“Our Sheriff partners found a hole which was covered up by a piece of steel,” said Sgt. Serge Soucy on the Edmonton Police Service website.

Police said they found one person living inside the cave which was about five feet deep and about 12 feet across.

An encampment cave was found in the river valley this year. (Edmonton Police Service)

In the video, the cave was found to have partially collapsed. Police said the person who had been found living inside had been taken to the new Navigation and Support Centre a few days before.

On Feb. 21, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services confirmed to CTV News Edmonton several crews, including the Technical Rescue Team, were called to the area about a cave.

It’s unclear when the cave collapsed, when it was found, and when police took the video.

EPS said most of the encampments are located in the downtown core and other green spaces around the city but that their size and numbers have decreased as people are connected to supports.

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