Edmonton women create replica of city out of gingerbread

EDMONTON — A couple friends have recreated downtown Edmonton out of gingerbread.

It took the two women four days to bake, build, and decorate a replica of downtown Edmonton.

You can see the Walterdale Bridge, the Stantec Tower, and the Muttart Conservatory.

The friends say building gingerbread houses is their yearly tradition.

This year they went the extra mile because so many other holiday activities weren’t happening.

But the real question is are they going to eat our city?

“Normally we do so much snacking while we do it, we kind of get sick of the gingerbread and the icing, so it’ll be up for the looks and then we’ll see. Maybe we’ll try eat some of it later on,” said Chelsea Maier, one of the creators.

The two women are already brainstorming ideas for how to top this creation next year.  

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