Edmonton students building dog houses for winter warmth

EDMONTON — On a cold December morning, a border collie named Nina found shelter from the wind in a brand new dog house.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to stay long as Nina was only testing out one of 22 new houses built by students at four Edmonton Catholic schools.

It’s all thanks to the Alberta SPCA’s Dog House Building Project, giving rural animals in need a place to stay warm this winter.

“There is a need for dog houses throughout Alberta,” said Karen Stevenson, a peace Officer with the SPCA. “We notice there are people who try very hard but are sometimes financially unable to have dog houses.”

So Anderson had the idea to partner the SCPA with local schools to have students build 22 medium and large insulated dog houses that Peace Officers will provide to dog owners who cannot afford a well-constructed and warm shelter.

“This is going to help a lot, I am just so happy,” said Anderson while visiting St. John XXII Junior High in Windermere, where students were constructing the last three dog houses.

“It’s been a paper project for so long, and coming in today and seeing the kids, who actually let me help, it was great.”

Taking a break from drilling insulation into a roof, Grade 9 student Alexa Portas said it’s been fun working on the project.

“I’m an animal lover so it makes me feel really happy that dogs are going to be able to keep warm during winter and have a place to stay.”

The dog house pilot project will cost approximately $4,000, which the SPCA fundraised.

“We want to work with the individual families,” said Anderson. “It’s going to be the peace officers who decide where the houses go on an as needed, emergency basis when we go out on calls.”

For more information on the project, contact the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at 780-732-3742.