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Edmonton group holds emergency rally after Russian missile attack on Ukraine

More than 100 protesters gathered outside Edmonton’s city hall Saturday to call on the Canadian government to declare Russia a terrorist state. 

“We really need the world to unite to be able to help Ukraine, Ukraine can’t do it on its own,” said Diana Kotsyuba, of the Ukrainian National Youth Federation.

Kotsyuba said the “emergency” rally was organized quickly after Moscow launched its biggest attack yet on Friday.

Over 18 hours, more than 120 missiles and dozens of drones were launched. Ukrainian officials said the attacks hit several civilian targets, including a maternity hospital, apartment blocks and schools.

“It’s been very difficult, very emotional, because this has been probably the most massive attack since the beginning of this full scale war,” Kotsyuba said. “There’s many people under the rubble, we’ve seen many horrifying videos.

“It’s really difficult to watch.”

Kotsyuba said it’s important that people continue to support Ukraine and call on governments to do the same through sanctions, military support and financial aid.

For Ukrainians in Edmonton, she said it’s hard to be so far away while the war rages on over the holiday season.

“We’re definitely feeling the guilt, especially with such tragic events,” Kotsyuba said. “We feel more emotional and guilty for being in a safe place, and that’s why we try to do as much as we can.”

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