Dozens of Edmonton restaurants partner on World Hunger Day

EDMONTON — Mealshare is a buy-one-give-one charity working with local restaurants to make the world a little less hungry.

On Friday, World Hunger Day, the organization is partnering with local restaurants and SkipTheDishes to help bring awareness to youth experiencing food insecurity.

Mealshare’s Food For Thought campaign is aimed at building conversations around youth hunger, an issue affecting one in five kids across Canada, according to the non-profit.

“Historically, I think that there’s been a lot of shame and prejudice against hunger. Often times it goes hand in hand with poverty so the first thing I think is just to talk about it more often,” said Jeremy Bryant, Co-Founder of Mealshare.

He’s hoping to start those conversations through Mealshare’s programs, which include a variety of activities from drawings to conversation prompts for children, parents and teachers. With every completed activity that’s submitted to Mealshare on World Hunger Day, SkipTheDishes will give five meals to youth in need.

Bryant created Mealshare in Edmonton. He explained that sometimes it can be easy to forget food insecurity is such a widespread issue.

“Food security is a bit of a mixed bag. For lots of us, it’s something we don’t spend much time thinking about,” said Bryant. He’s hoping that one day world hunger will be an issue of the past.

Mealshare is also partnering with more than 50 restaurants in Edmonton through a buy-one-give-one process. Locals can look for a Mealshare logo next to menu items in participating restaurants and with every Mealshare item that gets ordered, one meal will also be provided to youth in need.

Their Food For Thought initiative in partnership with SkipTheDishes began May 3 and lasts until May 28 on World Hunger Day.

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