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City of Edmonton mails out 2024 property tax notice

Edmonton home owners can expect their property tax notices in the mail in the coming days.

The City of Edmonton mailed out the 2024 tax notices to more than 425,000 property owners last Friday.

On April 24, city council agreed on an 8.9 per cent increase on municipal property taxes in 2024.

According to the city, more than $2.6 billion will be generated by the tax hike and $2.1 billion will be used to help fund programs and services for Edmontonians such as attractions, recreation centres, transit, roads and emergency services. The remaining $520 million is collected on behalf of the Government of Alberta to fund education.

“It’s very important that Edmontonians understand the property tax process and how to pay because your property taxes fund over half of the City’s operations,” said Stephen Leroux, director of taxation operations.

“The tax increase for each individual property will depend on its assessment class, as well as how much its assessment value changed compared to the average change in its class.”

People who haven’t received their 2024 property tax notice in the mail by June 3 can request a copy here or call 311 to receive their current tax information.

Tax payments are due June 30 and must be processed before the deadline to avoid any penalties.

Property owners are encouraged to sign up for a MyProperty account to gain access to loads of online resources regarding your property assessment.

For more information regarding your property tax breakdown, or to apply for a monthly payment plan, visit the City of Edmonton’s website

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