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‘Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia’ coming to the Royal Alberta Museum in 2024

Albertans will get the chance to travel back in time next year as the Royal Alberta Museum (RAM) unveils new feature exhibition Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia.

Angkor was one of the world’s greatest empires between the ninth and 15th centuries.

“Enormous monuments and structures towered over a sprawling city, home to a complex society of craftsmen, ruling class members and a specialized priesthood,” RAM said in a Tuesday news release.

“Despite captivating researchers for over a century, experts are still uncovering the secrets of Angkor thanks to new advances in science and archaeology.”

The exhibition will open Feb. 23 and give viewers the chance to see 120 priceless artifacts, including miniature monuments, sculptures, and objects made of precious metals.

The museum says this is the first time in history many of the exhibits have been on tour.

The exhibition will happen in cooperation with Cambodia’s Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

“The overall experience of this exhibition is truly spectacular, capturing the magnitude and beauty of Angkor alongside the rich history and artifacts of the Khmer people. We’re so honoured to host this important exhibition and share a deeper understanding of the history of Angkor with Alberta,” RAM executive director Meaghan Patterson said.

More details about the exhibition are available on the RAM website. 

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