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Alberta Utilities Commission fines another unlicenced power generator mining bitcoin

The Alberta Utilities Commission is fining another electricity generator that powered bitcoin mining for operating without a licence.

It’s at least the third such fine levied in the province over the last year.

The regulator has assessed a $10,000 fine against Alberta-based Energy Sustain Services for operating the facility in Brazeau County, southwest of Edmonton.

Documents say the company agreed with an energy producer to generate power using natural gas from a well that was no longer connected to a pipeline.

The electricity was used to power 87 bitcoin mining machines on the site.

The regulator says the infraction was discovered through noise complaints from neighbours.

The generator has since been replaced with one that falls beneath the capacity threshold for regulatory oversight.

In February, the commission fined Avex Energy for operating a natural-gas fired generator without a licence that powered bitcoin mines.

A similar fine was levied in December against Green Block Mining.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 9, 2024. 

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