We’re looking at the ways out of addiction in Alberta. Read what we’ve discovered so far

A banner reads, 'The Way Out: Addiction in Alberta.'

CBC Calgary launched a week-long series Monday exploring the people and the policymakers searching for The Way Out of Addiction in Alberta.

It explores recovery, harm reduction and access to safe supply. It also tells the stories of the people impacted.

If there was something that touched you, or an angle the team missed or you have another story to share relating to addictions, we’re listening.

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Meantime, if you missed any part of our series, please find the links to each article below.

Marshall Smith explains why he wants to build recovery communities across Alberta

12 hours ago

Duration 3:36

Marshall Smith is Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s chief of staff and the architect of a fundamental shift in how Alberta intends to address opioid addiction and treatment in the province.

Alberta wants to become the Canadian epicentre of the treatment and recovery movement. And the man behind the movement is Marshall Smith.

Once addicted to drugs and homeless, he now has the ear of politicians across the country.

A woman stands in her kitchen in a black robe holding a prescription opioid kit, including sanitizing wipes, bottles and needles.
Ophelia Black was prescribed a high-potency opioid to help with severe opioid use disorder. (Judy Aldous/CBC)

A 21-year-old Calgary woman is suing the Alberta government to maintain access to her prescription for a high-potency opioid, which she says has saved her from overdosing on street drugs.

A pill split in half sits on a table.
CBC Calgary is exploring the people and the policymakers searching for the way out of addiction in Alberta. (CBC)

We’ve documented the fundamental shift that Alberta is taking in the way addictions are treated in this province. 

Will it help or hurt? 

As we continue to tell these stories, we want to hear from you. Tell us what you think of the stories you read or heard. And do you have an experience of your own to share?

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