U of C tuition hikes approved, increases expected over the next 3 years

Tough times call for tough measures. That’s what the University of Calgary board of governors is saying after approving a tuition increase for most U of C students Friday.

“It was a terribly difficult choice,” University of Calgary provost Dru Marshall said.

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The difficult choice wasn’t unanimous but the majority of the 21-person board voted to increase tuition for most students.

“Even with the increase tuition fees, the University of Calgary remains below the median of its Canadian peer university group,” Geeta Sankappanavar, U of C board of governors chair, said.

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New U of C students will be paying seven per cent more, translating to $417 for the average undergraduate student for the fall and winter semesters combined.

The increase for new international students will be 10 per cent, which is $1874 for the average undergraduate student for fall and winter.

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Returning students will see a hike of five per cent, about $309 more for fall and winter.

Engineering students will see a 10 per cent increase. Marshall said that’s because the U of C is roughly 30 per cent below the national average for tuition fees for that particular program.

University of Calgary students protest rising tuition costs

University of Calgary students protest rising tuition costs

Some other specialty programs will also have a 10 per cent tuition hike.

But a handful of masters of business programs will not see any increase.

Dozens of students rallied outside the board meeting Friday, chanting rallying cries as the members cast their votes.

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“I don’t feel that the university is standing up for us students,” U of C student Jadeyn Dubourt said.

“We are young kids already eating KD every night and now we have to tuition increases.”

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“As you all know Alberta is facing a very challenging economic reality that touches all sectors of the economy including the post secondary sector,” Sankappanavar said. “The University of Calgary understands this reality and stands ready to partner with the provincial government in fiscal restraint while continuing its trajectory of excellence.”

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Marshall said students can expect tuition increases to continue. She’s predicting a seven per cent increase for both the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 school years – in line with the cap the provincial government is allowing.

The new tuition increases take effect in May 2020.

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