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Thursday was a cold one, and Friday’s going to be even colder still

Here we are, well into the worst of it — and tomorrow will be even colder!

Just like in the summer with a lightning storm, it’s best not to go out if you can avoid it.

Of course, kids should not be outdoors.

At these temperatures, skin can freeze in less than five minutes.

A special shout out to all the teachers and principals who have had the kiddies inside for recess these past couple of days and will continue that for the rest of this week!

Remember to not blame the messenger or throw slurpees at them when I tell you this… but Friday morning, the wind chill could be as low as -50.

And in the afternoon, -42.

Could we break records over these next few days?

It’s possible, especially early Saturday and Sunday morning.

Expect it to be at a dangerously cold level through the weekend.

The upper-level pattern starts to change Saturday and Sunday but it takes time to moderate such a cold air mass.

Expect to notice a difference on Monday.

It is optimistic to say we will get into the minus single digits by Tuesday.

What I can say for certain is you will notice a big difference by early next week, when it will be more like typical January cold rather than this frigid weather we haven’t received in 20 to 60 years!

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