The goats are baaaa-ck in Calgary

CALGARY — For the fourth year a team of 200 goats will return to McHugh Bluff to control weeds and support habitat restoration.

The goats will be in Calgary from July 15 to 25 as part of a targeted grazing program.

Targeted grazing with goats reduced the amount of pesticides the city must use in these areas.

The reason goats were chosen in the first place is because they provide an organic and cost-effective method for maintaining the environment.

These goats help protect ecosystems by removing invasive plants naturally, and allowing native vegetation to grow in its place.


A successful pilot project four years ago led city council to make this an annual occasion.

They have also been working in Lethbridge for the last four years.

The goats are hard at work, which means there will be no petting them. People have also been asked to give them space to work, a little social distance for the goats.

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The goats are herded by shepherds on horseback and dogs – these people and animals should be left alone to work, too.

For those who want to visit the goats, they can see them in their pen at the east end of McHugh Bluffs – off Memorial Drive.

The city asks people not to feed the goats, as they are here to eat weeds.

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