Stay off the ice: Return of warm weather has people gathering near Bow River

Sections of ice along Calgary’s rivers remains in place, for now, but those who venture out atop the frozen water are potentially putting themselves, and others, at risk.

CTV News spotted dozens of people walking on the ice or sitting on the edge of a cracked ice shelf on the Bow River between the Louise Bridge and Peace Bridge Wednesday evening, while Calgary Fire Department members were on scene for a dog rescue.

The City of Calgary discourages walking on the ice on the Bow River or Elbow River as it’s difficult to assess the thickness of the ice and determine whether the ice is strong enough to hold the weight of a person or animal.

If you spot someone who has fallen through the ice, call 911 immediately and do not attempt to rescue them yourself.

Anyone who falls into the frigid water is encouraged to:

  • Attempt to stay calm;
  • Pull yourself onto the ice on your stomach; and,
  • Roll toward the shore instead of walking to distribute your weight across a larger section of the ice.

If you are unable to pull yourself onto the ice or swim to shore, anchor yourself to the ice shelf and yell for help.

For additional safety tips visit City of Calgary – Ice Safety Near Water.

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