‘Soap opera’: Alberta premier says he’s been too tolerant of open dissent

Premier Jason Kenney says Albertans don’t appreciate the intraparty fighting “soap opera” of his United Conservative government and, if anything, he has been too soft on public dissenters.

Kenney made the comments while taking questions on a Facebook town-hall meeting.

United Conservative Party members are currently voting by mail on whether Kenney should remain leader.

If he receives less than 50 per cent support, the party must call a leadership race.

The vote has exposed deep discontent with Kenney’s leadership: some members of Kenney’s caucus have openly called for him to resign for the good of the party.

Kenney says he respects free speech in his caucus, but adds he has probably been too tolerant of open dissent.

He says if he wins the leadership vote, he expects everyone in caucus to show discipline and fall in line so that the party can present a united front to defeat the Opposition NDP in the 2023 election.

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