Snowy and cool weather in Calgary this weekend

CALGARY — Let’s try something — our forecast in a song. Here’s my pick for today, Daft Punk’s One More Time.

It’s a bold claim but more on that in a moment. For the record, my musicology will keep me from doing this regularly. I’d run out of songs in a week.

On to our synoptic overview: a large low is working off the Alaska Panhandle and will stall off the southern B.C. coast, pumping moisture across the southern reaches as rain in the lowlands and snow in higher elevations.

Our polar vortex is also stalled, so parts of Alberta will enter a “buzz saw” of snow between these two elements:

Calgary upper air pattern April 23, 2021

The green arrow off of our Pacific low represents the influx of moisture; the purple arrows show the mean wind from our polar vortex.

Saturday’s wind direction is southeasterly, as is today’s; that means that as this snow-band tries pushing through that layer tomorrow, it’s hard-pressed to head further north into us, as the moisture is being pinned up along the foothills.

This effect subsides on Sunday, and we could see around 5 cm fall throughout the day and overnight. In all, I’m thinking six to eight centimetres isn’t out of the question. We could push to 10 cm. Communities south and southwest of Calgary stand a stronger chance of surpassing that double-digit mark.

So why is Daft Punk the song of the day?

Because I’ve looked into as many longer-range forecasts as I can, and after this latest speed bump, our temperature trend is largely averaging out across the models:

Calgary weather pattern April 23, 2021

There are absolutely no guarantees that the full offering of May will maintain this, but there’s a decent confidence that moving beyond our five-day forecast, we’ll find our way out of snowy conditions for a little while.

Your five-day:


Mainly cloudy, very slight chance of flurries

Daytime high: 4 C

Evening: some cloud, low -3 C



Daytime high: 1 C

Evening: more snow, low -3 C



Daytime high: 2 C

Evening: some cloud, low -5 C



Daytime high: 14 C

Evening: some cloud, low -1 C



Daytime high: 14 C

Evening: some cloud, low -1 C

A couple of beautiful photos again today:

Jacob sent over a few shots of the cold front moving in yesterday:

Alberta sky clouds

…but, that’s behind us. Lois knows it, and tweeted this magnificent sunrise earlier this morning:

Calgary sunset

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