Slippery ride in Calgary for Saturday, city says crews hard at work

The City of Calgary says drivers should slow down and drive to conditions, as icy roads are present in many areas.

Officials said crews are “working on trouble spots” on Saturday morning, using a pickle – a salt and gravel mixture – to provide traction on icy patches.

They are also focused on clearing Priority 2 routes, which are roads that see between 5,000 and 19,999 vehicles per day.

Some examples include Kensington Road N.W. and Acadia Drive S.E.

Other routes, including those not used by vehicles, are being cleared as well.

“Parks’ crews are clearing snow on pathways,” the city said in release. “Check the Pathways, Trails and Bikeways map under the snow and ice control tab to see which pathways and sidewalks are cleared by the city.”

It is not believed that a snow route parking ban will be called.

In the meantime, officials are sharing some advice with Calgarians who might need to head out on the road on Saturday.

Those tips include:

  • Winterizing your vehicle, including considering installing winter tires to improve traction;
  • Keep a snow brush inside your vehicle so you have it available to clear your windshields and windows;
  • Plan your route and know what highways and roads you’ll need to take; and
  • Wear proper winter clothing and footwear and consider packing extra gear in case you get in a bind.

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