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Showers, thunderstorms, strong wind and funnel clouds possible in Calgary Monday

Most of southern Alberta can expect a decent start to their week, with warmer temperatures early in the day Monday.

However, a low-pressure system in central Alberta that brought rain into that region overnight will create instability throughout the southern portion of the province by mid-afternoon.

Calgary is likely to see showers and thunderstorms by the late afternoon/early evening Monday with those cells potentially aligning into the late evening as they track southeast.

Potential threats include isolated pockets of heavy rain, small hail and funnel clouds, but the greatest risk will be associated with wind, especially along the leading edge of these storms.

Calgary weather forecast for Monday, June 3, 2024.Wind gusts of 60 to 80 kilometres per hour are possible in the southern-most region of Alberta Monday night.

Keep an eye out for weather watches and warnings as the day continues, as some of these cells may reach warning thresholds.

An incoming ridge of high pressure will usher in stability by the end of the week, and daytime highs should hold in the low 20s until at least early next week.

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