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Parks Canada finds ‘no signs of cougar activity’ in aftermath of reported attack

Parks Canada says its investigation into a reported cougar attack in Banff National Park last month turned up no signs of the big cat.

“Following standard protocol, Parks Canada thoroughly searched the area of the reported incident and found no signs of cougar activity,” Parks Canada said.

“Parks Canada also undertook forensic testing to corroborate initial findings.

“Parks Canada has now received the lab-tested DNA results, indicating that cougar DNA was not found on the samples that were collected.”

Spencer Weilermann described to CTV News a cougar latching onto him while hiking in the snowy Rockbound Lake area the morning of Feb. 12.

The 23-year-old said he tussled with the animal and fell down a hill with it.

Weilermann was tended to for minor soft-tissue injuries including scratches to the side of his face and his left eye.

Earlier this week, the Rocky Mountain Outlook first reported Parks Canada investigated and found no signs of cougar activity.

Friday, Parks Canada responded to CTV News’ request for a statement.

Weilermann told CTV News via text message he received “a ton of nasty messages” after the release of the Outlook article containing the details of Parks Canada’s investigation.

He said the information was misleading.

“It’s painful that it’s being twisted and misunderstood like this online,” he said.

“I’m happy with just trying to stay clear of this.”

Parks Canada says its investigation is now complete and an area closure has been lifted. 

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