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No risk from funky smell at the Calgary International Airport, officials say

Officials at the Calgary International Airport say they are aware of a bad smell in the area, but say there is no risk to public safety.

The Calgary Airport Authority says the stink is mainly coming from glycol, which is used to de-ice planes during the winter.

Rotting sediment and organic matter in storm water ponds at the airport can also emit a sulphurous smell, officials said.

In a statement, YYC said the odours “do not present a risk to public health or the environment.”

“The Calgary Airport Authority, the Calgary Fire Department and City of Calgary environmental monitoring staff routinely sample both the water and air when odours are present. Although these odours are strongest outdoors, they may also be noticeable indoors, including throughout parts of the terminal.”

Officials said the fluctuating weather conditions have made the situation a lot worse because a “greater than usual amount of deicing fluid” has been required.

YYC said its annual strategy of storm water restoration and maintenance have helped combat the lingering odour.

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