No natural gas rebate for Albertans in February, province says

The Alberta government says homeowners will still be seeing an energy rebate on their February utility bills, but it won’t be as much as it was last month.

The province says the price for natural gas has dropped nearly $3 for next month – the highest monthly default rate is $3.715 per gigajoule, compared to January’s $6.446 per gigajoule rate.

That means a natural gas rebate won’t happen.

Under the government’s program, when the monthly default rate exceeds $6.50 per gigajoule, consumers will receive a credit on their bill based on monthly usage.

While the credit won’t be happening, the government says a $75 electricity rebate will be credited on February utility bills.

“Alberta’s government continues to deliver real relief to help people pay their utility bills,” the province said in a release.

“More than 1.9 million homes, families and small businesses will receive another $75 electricity rebate in February, and a temporary price ceiling of 13.5 cents per kilowatt hour will continue helping reduce electricity costs for Albertans on the regulated rate option (RRO).”

Officials remind residents that the government does not send texts or emails about the rebate program and will never request Albertans to submit personal information via text or email.

Additional details about the Alberta government’s energy rebates and affordability program can be found here.

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