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Locally produced fishing show is a favourite for viewers

A fishing show produced in Diamond Valley has been voted show of the month by Wild TV viewers, where the show airs.

Wild Angles is produced by the Dunning family. Season one started airing at the beginning of the year and it’s clearly catching on, judging by on Wild TV viewer reaction.

“We’re super excited about that,” said Andrew Dunning, the show’s lead photographer. “We’re working really hard to provide some awesome content.” 

“Filming the first season we went to Costa Rica we did a show there,” he added. “We went to Louisiana, we did two shows there and second season we focused a lot on Western Canada and a lot in the north and spectacular Northwest Territories.”

Andrew and his son Liam are in Yellowknife working with a client for the family-run production company.  Liam is a second camera operator and editor. While they’re on another job, the two are always searching out locations to shoot an episode for Wild Angles because they hear the winter and summer fishing is excellent around Yellowknife.

But they’re leaning towards returning in the summer.

“We’re up here on a project in the sub Arctic and last week it was a windchill of – 57,” Andrew said. “Right now it’s warmed up, it’s really nice, it’s -24 with a windchill of -39, which we’re super happy about.”


Debbie Dunning is the primary editor and working on season two for Wild Angles. She says it takes about a week to edit one half-hour show and right now she’s finishing the final episodes to meet the deadline by the network. The family is already thinking about shooting the third season in the spring.

“We’re planning all our upcoming trips, we’re talking to sponsors,” said Debbie. “And schedules, trying to figure out Aedan’s because he guides in the summer, so we do a lot of spring and fall fishing and filming.”

Debbie says she’s proud of how the family works together and the positive feedback they’re getting for their show.

“We have always been a very close family and I’m not going to say we don’t have arguments,” she said. “Because if you spend that much time together, it’s gonna happen but it all works out in the end, we work out our differences and we make this product that we’re really proud of.”

Aedan Dunning is the show’s host. He grew up fishing. He and his brother were introduced to it by their dad. Now Aedan spends summers in Northern Saskatchewan as a fishing guide catching northern Pike and Lake Trout.

“I’m a fishing fool, I just love it, I love it more than anything else,” he said. “So with passion like that, it only makes sense to try to show that off, to try to show other people my passion.”


Aedan says Wild Angles is different than other fishing shows, because it shows more about how to catch a fish rather than just reeling in catch after catch.

“We’re showing a little bit more of the of the raw part of it,” he said. “We’ll have days where we’re not successful and you have to showcase that but you still have to keep the attention of the audience so you got to really get people engaged.”

Aedan is happy the show is proving to be a fan favourite and he’s hoping it will continue to grow in popularity.

“The more exposure we have, the more my name gets out there, the more that people see my face and relate it to the name Wild Angles, the better everything is gonna get,” he said. “Everything’s just gonna happen with time so the longer we keep doing this stuff, the better it’s going to be.”

Season three will focus on areas to fish on the west coast.

“I love fishing out there, the fish are just different when they when they live in saltwater,” said Aedan. “They fight a whole lot harder so you know we got some unreal trips planned for season three and I’m just excited to get out there and start getting these trips done and getting some footage in.”

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