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Lethbridge veterans pay tribute to the adoption of the maple leaf flag

Thursday marks 59 years since Canada adopted its maple leaf flag.

The Lethbridge Legion made sure to mark the occasion with a ceremony Thursday.

A couple dozen Legion members and dignitaries took part in the ceremony.

The old flag that the Legion had been using was replaced by a new one.

After that, those attending had the chance to tell the group just what the flag means to them.

For members of the Legion, it’s important to celebrate such an important moment.

“Canadians always think of July 1 as Canada Day,” said Glenn Miller, the PR co-chair of the General Stewart Legion, “but often this day slips by so we want to recognize that day.

“It’s very important,” he added. “It’s a symbol of the Legion as well and also very important to veterans it’s the flag upon which ultimately they paid the sacrifice.”

The Legion hopes events like these can help younger people to think more about Canada’s history.

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