‘It’s a lonely world for me,’ says wife of Calgary man killed by drug addicted robbers

Within two hours of meeting Trista Tinkler in the parking lot of a Calgary pub, Kasif Hirani was robbed, stabbed 25 times and left for dead in a ditch near the Springbank Airport, a judge heard Friday.

These are some of the facts presented as Tinkler’s manslaughter plea was accepted by Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Alice Woolley, who will sentence the killer at a later date.

Prosecutor Vince Pingitore proposed a five to seven-year prison term while defence lawyer Shamsher Kothari argued his client should spend four years behind bars.

In the two days after his death, Tinkler and her boyfriend Robert Daignault stole more than $14,000 from the victim using his bank card to make withdraws, e-transfers and purchases, according to the agreed statement of facts.

‘It’s a lonely world’

Hirani, who had just turned 30-years-old, left behind a wife, who delivered a victim impact statement over video link. 

“It’s a lonely world for me,” said Salima Ketani through tears, reading from her victim impact statement. “I wanted to come in person but I am so broken that I was not able to gather myself to face this person.”

Ketani and Hirani had moved to Canada several years earlier from India. 

“My most favourite person on this planet … he was my only support in Canada,” said Ketani.

The first time his parents visited Canada was for their son’s funeral.

Hirani kidnapped

In December 2019, Tinkler, 36, and Daugnault, 53, were “couch surfing,” staying at a friend’s place. The pair was addicted to drugs, homeless and out of money.

After Christmas, the friend demanded they pay rent or get out, according to the agreed statement of facts.

On Dec. 28, Tinkler planned a “date” with Hirani, with a plan to exchange sexual services for money.

Tinkler was picked up by Hirani at the Regal Beagle Pub in the southeast neighbourhood of Acadia.

They arrived at the apartment where Tinkler and Daignault had been staying. There, Hirani was forced into the back seat of his vehicle. 

Killed because he’d seen their faces

As they drove Hirani’s vehicle toward Cochrane, Daignault was yelling at the victim to provide his passcode information, according to the agreed statement of facts.

Tinkler understood the plan was to leave Hirani far from town after they’d robbed him so they could buy time for Daignault to re-VIN the stolen vehicle. 

But, according to the agreed statement of facts, Daignault commented that he would kill Hirani because he’d seen their faces.

Once in the Springbank area, the vehicle was stopped on a remote road. 

Although Tinkler remained in the vehicle, she could hear Hirani’s screams.

Pair arrested in Edmonton

Hirani’s body was left on the side of the road after he was stabbed 25 times.

The killers headed back in Calgary and stopped at a 7-Eleven, where Tinkler bought snacks and withdrew $400 from Hirani’s bank account.

Hirani’s body was found the next morning by a man who was out walking his dog.

Days after Hirani’s death, Tinkler dyed her hair and the two moved to an Edmonton hotel.

Ultimately, police arrested Tinkler in a hotel bathroom and Daignault in the parking lot of a strip mall after stealing a car and trying to run down police officers.

Daignault’s trial was supposed to begin earlier this month but was derailed when he tested positive for COVID. A new trial will be booked in the coming weeks.

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