Grass fires still pose a risk to Calgary residents as officials urge prevention

CALGARY — Despite some precipitation in the Calgary area Thursday morning, officials say residents still need to do their part to prevent fires from flaring up in the large grassy areas around the city.

The Calgary Fire Department (CFD) says dry weather and windy conditions are a common occurrence in southern Alberta and they can lead to large grass fires spreading very quickly.

“Even moderate amounts of rain or light snow aren’t sufficient to reduce this risk,” said CFD Battalion Chief Alistair Robin in a statement.

The CFD urges residents to consider the following fire prevention tips:

  • Use caution when lighting outdoor fires, including barbecues and backyard fire pits
  • Dispose of combustible materials inside proper containers
  • Ensure cigarettes and ashes are completely extinguished before throwing them out
  • Avoid putting cigarettes into planters or potted plants as they contain materials that could burn
  • Clear away and safely dispose of any dry fuels, like leaves and grass, from your yard

Over the past few weeks, there have been several grass fires near Calgary and in southern Alberta. A number of the incidents produced large, out-of-control grass fires that destroyed homes, burned property and caused injuries.

There are no fire bans in place in the city of Calgary, but several other jurisdictions have called bans because of dry conditions. A full list can be found online.

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