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Fore! Golfers in Calgary finally get to tee it up for the season

Greg Suchan was in the first group that teed off at Blue Devil to kick off the Calgary golf season on Thursday morning.

Suchan had the honour of hitting the first tee shot of the season.  But as he says, sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

“My daughter and her husband got me a Christmas gift, a new driver and I totally forgot that it still had the wrapper on.  I guess I could’ve hit it with the wrapper, maybe it would’ve helped,” he laughed.


When he did get the wrapper off of his driver, Suchan striped it right down the middle and ended up parring the first hole.

He says he’s just happy to be back on the course again.

“It’s been a long winter.” He said.

“I mean it started off pretty good but then it got cold there.  It seems like it’s taken forever but it got dry fast and we’re excited.”

Some golf courses opened Thursday in Calgary.


Golfers in Calgary thought they might get an earlier start to the season but the weather hasn’t exactly cooperated of late.

But as a golfer you always have to be optimistic.  Robert Little teed it up with Suchan and he too is happy the season has started.

“With that last little snowfall it really kind of damped out excitement for the new season,” he said.

“But the sun is out,” he added, “and the grass already starting to turn green.  We’ll be good to go now.”


Golf courses look to be in great shape for this time of the year. 

Play Golf Calgary C.O.O. Slade King says that snow last week wasn’t such bad thing.

“It’s greener that usual, just that timing of the melted snow,” he said.

“We got that heat and then another snowfall which give it that moisture and then heat again,” he added. “That combination kind of mixed up some good conditions for opening day this year.”

Additional courses will open up on Friday, including Speargrass, Springbank Links, Maple Ridge and McCall Lake.  The Track say they’ll open up on Saturday.

A few courses in Lethbridge opened as early as March 13.

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