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Comic book enthusiasts flock to their favourite store for a free comic

Comic Book Day is always the first Saturday of May and it is one of the best days on the calendar for comic book fans.

Publishers often release specific books they have put out to help promote this day.

“Marvel will release a couple of books and DC will release a couple of books and then everybody can come in and they can get a couple of free books from the publishers,” says Chad MacFarlane of Another Dimension Comics.

He says Comic Book Day is always a fantastic day at the store.

“It’s a really good day for everybody come in; families are really welcome; there’s a lot of kids books that come out as well,” says MacFarlane.

“It’s one of our biggest days. It’s been going on years now, years and years and years so everybody kind of expects it and everybody’s kind of really excited to see which books are going to come out.”

MacFarlane says it was cool that Star Wars Day and Comic Book Day coincided.

“It’s kind of cool that it fell on May the Fourth be with you and tomorrow I’ve been told is Revenge of the fifth. It was kind of cool,” says MacFarlane.

The first Comic Book Day was May 4, 2002.

It was conceived by Joe Field, a California-based comics retailer.

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