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Castle Mountain ski season makes a late comeback as resort set to close Sunday

Castle Mountain Resort is making use of the spring snowfall before they close for the season Sunday.

Since Wednesday, the hill has received about 20 centimetres of fresh powder.

This season was a real rollercoaster ride for the resort, with the last two months seeing ‘top notch conditions.’

While there was little snowfall and record warmth in December, followed by a cold snap in January, it was a tough start to the season.

But the resort saw more than 200 centimetres of snow fall in February, bringing the conditions to the best they’ve been all season and ticket sales increased correspondingly.

While it was anything but smooth sailing, staff are thrilled with the way it ended.

“There were times where we felt almost a sense of despair,” said Castle Mountain’s sales and marketing manager. “And were really quite worried what the rest of the season might bring.

“But at this time of year, with having things really turn around, we’re feeling jubilant –maybe not the right word – but satisfied, I think, with how things have gone, but also like every season, but maybe particularly for this season, really grateful for everyone that did turn up.”

Castle Mountain is set to close for the season on Sunday.

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