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Castle Mountain Marie spreads a little love by handing out hugs to skiers

An employee at a southern Alberta ski resort is making visitors smile, one hug at a time.

Marie greets people getting off the lift at Castle Mountain with a smile and a hug, spreading a little happiness before they hit the slopes.

Staff at Castle Mountain caught Marie in the act the other day, and posted a clip of her on their Instagram page, resulting in hundreds of likes and comments from skiers and scrollers.

“National treasure!” said @hd.evo.genius.

“100 per cent,” said @rachelholthe. “That lady is an absolute gem.”

@janinerio wrote, “Went to Castle for the first time last week and was greeted by her warm big hug. Such a sweet welcome.”

“BIGGEST OF HUGS TO MARIE,” said @goldenlarchsnowremoval.

“The world needs more Marie’s,” wrote

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