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Calgary woman hopes to return silver ‘MOM’ pendant to rightful owner

A Calgary woman is hoping to return a meaningful piece of jewelry to its rightful owner.

Christine Wildman was on her way to visit her mom on Sunday when she found what appeared to be a memento of someone else’s, lying in the snow.

“We were picking up some treats for her at the Sobeys,” Christine Wildman said. “We saw the silver in the snow.”

It turned out to be a small pendant that says “MOM” on one side, with a fingerprint engraved on the other. A screw on one side looks like it may hold in someone’s ashes.

It was found in the parking lot of the Shawnessy Sobeys in southeast Calgary.

“It wouldn’t have been there long,” Wildman said.

The back side of a pendant found in the parking lot of the Shawnessy Sobeys on Feb. 18. (Courtesy: Christine Wildman)

The pendant does not appear to have any real monetary value, but if Wildman’s assumptions about what it is are correct, to someone out there, it’s priceless.

“Obviously somebody is going to be missing that,” Wildman said.

Wildman says she just wants to get the pendant back to the rightful owner.

If you’ve lost the locket, you can reach out through the CTV News Calgary website or contact Wildman on social media.

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