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Calgary rally for Ukraine skies to be held Sunday afternoon

A rally to defend Ukrainian skies will be held Sunday afternoon in Calgary.

The event is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. near the Holomodor monument, located at Memorial Drive and Edmonton Trail.

It will be a walk that will finish at Municipal Plaza downtown.

Organizers say they are protesting the continued shelling of Ukrainian cities by Russia, who they say have conducted nine mass rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities in 2024 alone.

Event organizers say that the rocket attacks, which include drones and missiles, have caused massive damage to Ukraine’s civilian population and infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and kindergartens, resulting in the killing of numerous civilians, including Ukrainian children.

Russia, they say, has continued to claim it doesn’t target civilian infrastructure and only attacks military targets.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress Calgary is calling on the Canadian federal government and other international entities to help disrupt Russian shelling by providing the country with modern air defense systems and ammunition.

They also want tighter restrictions imposed on providing components to Russia that enable them to assemble drones and missiles.

Lastly, the organization wants greater enforcement of the Rome Statute, which is the code of International Criminal Court that prosecutes genocide and crimes against humanity including murder, rape, imprisonment, enforced disappearances, enslavement, sexual slavery, torture, apartheid and deportation.

The Rome Statute also includes prosecution for war crimes and crimes of aggression, which is the use of armed force by a country against the sovereignty, integrity or independence of another country.

The Ukranian Canadian Congress Calgary branch Facebook page is here.

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