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Calgary police officer who hit woman in road rage incident pleads guilty to assault

A Calgary police officer who hit a woman in the face during a road rage incident pleaded guilty to assault.

Lisa Bischke, 43, was handed a conditional discharge, meaning if she abides by conditions and behaves over the next 18 months, no conviction will be registered. 

Defence lawyer Cory Wilson and prosecutor Sherri Turner jointly asked Justice Frank Bosscha to issue conditions, including that Bischke stay away from the victim and continue therapy. 

The incident took place on Aug. 30, 2022, when Lisa Bischke — who was off-duty at the time — was driving with her teenage daughter when she spotted a woman making a U-turn in a playground zone. 

Details from the incident come from an agreed statement of facts (ASF) presented in court on Friday. 

After witnessing the U-turn, Bischke honked at the other driver, Marian Harah, who then gave Bischke the finger.

Bischke followed Farah, who drove 15 km/h through the playground zone.

After a few blocks, Bischke passed Farah’s car on the right-hand side of the road and pulled in front of her, stopping suddenly at a 45-degree angle.

Cop’s foot stuck between cars for 15 minutes

The off-duty officer got out of her car and approached Farah, whose driver’s side window was open.

Heated words were exchanged before Bischke hit Farah in the face with an open hand and then returned to her car. 

“Farah was slightly in shock and did not realize her vehicle was still in gear,” according to the ASF.

When she removed her foot from the brake, the car rolled forward and pinned Bischke’s foot between Farah’s front bumper and the off-duty officer’s driver’s door.

Bischke in ‘non-operational’ role at CPS

Bischke’s foot was pinned for about 15 minutes.

“At this point, Bischke identified herself as a Calgary police officer.”

Both parties called 911.

Farah refused to move her vehicle to free Bischke’s foot. Police arrived and moved the car, freeing the officer. 

Neither of the women were injured.

The Calgary Police Service says Bischke is in a “non-operational role” at the moment.

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