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Calgary man’s appeal of first-degree murder convictions dismissed

A Calgary man’s appeal of his conviction in a double murder has been dismissed by a panel of judges.

Christopher Naidu was convicted in the killings of two drug trafficking associates, Joshua Bamfo and Mahad Ainanshe, in April 2018, according to the appeal decision filed on Wednesday.

He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and convicted as charged on March 4, 2021, following a trial by a judge without a jury.

Bamfo and Ainanshe were shot and killed while sitting in Bamfo’s vehicle in Evanston, on the afternoon of April 20.

The appeal argued that the trial judge erred in coming to his conclusion on the identity of the shooter and that the conclusion the murders were planned and deliberate was unreasonable.

The appeal reviewed evidence and testimony from a Crown expert witness, focused on the use and range of cell phone towers; Garrett Greva, Naidu’s friend and associate; and Greva’s friend Pillay.

It also addressed the trial judge’s findings that the killings were planned and deliberate.

However, after reviewing the case, the appeal judges found no reason to dispute any of the trial judge’s rulings.

“We are unable to say the trial judge erred in so finding the killings were planned and deliberate,” the decision reads.

The appeal, originally heard on Dec. 6, 2023, was subsequently dismissed.

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