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Calgary introduces outdoor water restrictions in response to drought conditions

The City of Calgary will announce new restrictions on outdoor watering Tuesday morning.

The water-use reduction measures will be disclosed during a media availability scheduled for 11:15 a.m.

According to the water utility bylaw, the Stage 1 restrictions include:

  • Watering of lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs with a hose connected sprinkler will be reduced to once per week for a maximum of two hours, within specified time periods (4am- 7am, 9am-11a, and 7pm-10pm).
  • Reducing watering programs for certified customers with a Tier One water managed system by 10 per cent and Tier Two water managed systems by 15 per cent.
  • A ban on pesticide or fertilizer application that require potable water, unless exception granted by the director of water services.
  • A ban on washing of sidewalks, driveways, exterior buildings walls except for child care facilities, food and beverage establishments, and animal care facilities that are required to do so under health and safety regulations.
  • A ban on window washing except for licensed cleaning services.
  • A ban on outdoor vehicle washing except for vehicles that must be cleaned under health and safety regulations.
  • A ban on the filling of fountains and decorative features.

Under Stage 1, there will be no restrictions on:

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  • Watering gardens, trees and shrubs (but not lawns) using spring-loaded type nozzles with automatic shut-off hose connections or by hand using watering cans or buckets.
  • Watering of new sod installed within the last 21 days or grass seeds planted within the last 45 days.
  • Watering of plants for commercial sale.

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