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Calgary halal food stores, grocers shut down by Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services has issued closure orders to a number of Calgary halal food establishments.

In documents posted online, AHS says there is evidence that the following locations purchased and sold uninspected meat:

AHS issued the closure orders on Friday, April 19 following health inspections.

Documents for all of the locations say owners have to provide AHS with evidence that all prepared, processed and displayed food they offer is from an approved source and provide a list of all food suppliers.

They also have to provide officials with a copy of all the receipts/invoices for all meat products from the past three months, and clean and sanitize all food contact surfaces.

Documents also show Maher Fresh Halal Meat had a “significant cockroach infestation” where “live and dead cockroaches were observed throughout the food establishment.”

In addition to the above conditions, AHS says Maher Fresh Halal Meat must retain the services of a professional pest control company to eliminate the cockroachs.

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