Calgary Drop-In Centre receives $4M in funding to expand detox and recovery services

The provincial government has committed more than $4 million to help the Calgary Drop-In Centre create overdose response teams and establish 35 medical detox and treatment beds.

The government says the beds, 15 of which will be for medical detox and 20 for pre-treatment, will help support up to 1,000 Calgarians each year.

The beds will help Albertans struggling with addiction to “safely withdraw from drugs or alcohol under medical supervision,” explained a Wednesday news release.

“They will also be provided with pre-treatment support to prevent relapse and better understand treatment options as they continue their pursuit of recovery.”

The overdose teams, meanwhile, will work with local organizations to respond to overdoses both at the Drop-In Centre and throughout the community.

“People struggling with mental health and addiction deserve compassion and support, and at the Drop-In Centre they receive both,” said Sandra Clarkson, the centre’s executive director.

“We’re pleased to work with Alberta’s government to deliver critical services to those in need and help more vulnerable people in our communities pursue recovery from addiction.”

Jeremy Nixon, minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services, says thefunding will help theCalgary Drop-In Centre continue to do”incredible work.”

“With more access to addiction recovery treatment, more Albertans will be able to get the help they need to overcome their challenges.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Minister of Mental Health and Addiction Nicholas Milliken, who says the impact of the funding will be “life-saving and life-changing” for many Albertans.”

Albertans experiencing addiction and mental health challenges can call 211 Alberta, the Addiction Helpline or the Mental Health Helpline for support, information and referrals.

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