Calgary Catholic school trustee cites personal reasons for resignation from board

A Calgary Catholic School District trustee who was formally disciplined in October has resigned from her position.

Pamela Rath, trustee for Wards 4 and 7, submitted her resignation on Sunday. Board chair Cathie Williams confirmed the resignation in a statement on Wednesday.

“I received Pamela’s resignation letter on Dec. 11 and reviewed it with trustees at the special board meeting this morning,” Williams wrote in the statement. 

“On behalf of the board of trustees, we’d like to thank Pamela for her service to the CCSD over the past five years.”

Rath had been censured by the board following a special board meeting on Sept. 26. She was removed from some of her duties after she was found to be in contravention of the board of trustees’ code of conduct. 

In a post on the same day, it was reported that the board of trustees had “duly considered” the complaint against Rath. 

“And having found her to be in violation of the board’s code of conduct, formally censured trustee Pamela Rath, and also removed trustee Pamela Rath from the following committees and appointments of the board, effective immediately: the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) and St. Mary’s University Community Advisory Council,” the post read.

At the time, neither Rath nor the board said what led to the disciplinary action.

Resigned for ‘personal’ matters

In a post on Rath’s Facebook page on Wednesday, the former trustee said she was stepping away to spend time with her family. 

“For personal and family matters, I resigned my position on the board of trustees,” she wrote in the post.

“Whatever lies ahead will be what is meant to be. But for now, my family needs me back. And they deserve all of me.”

Rath thanked the students, the constituents and parents in the post.

She expressed gratitude to her colleagues.

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn and walk along side of you for publicly funded Catholic education,” she wrote. “It is important work.”

Neither Rath nor the school board mentioned the earlier disciplinary decision in their statements on Wednesday.

The board said it would continue to keep parents and guardians in Wards 4 and 7 informed as it moves forward.

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