Calgary author releases new Christmas book following Hallmark movie deal

CALGARY — It’s been three years since ‘A Bramble House Christmas’ premiered on the Hallmark Movie Channel, based off a book written by Calgary author C.J. Carmichael.

The accomplished author says Christmas romance is a genre she always circles back to.

“A lot of my books have to do with romance but also with belonging in the context of a family and in a community,” she said.

“And Christmas is that time of year when you value your family and your community. Christmas is also so much for children so when I’m writing Christmas romances, you’ll often find children.”

These themes are evident in ‘A Bramble House Christmas.’

After a career spanning 20 years and dozen of books, Carmichael says having her writing turned into a movie was a highlight, as was being on the film set in Maple Creek, B.C.

“My publisher and I flew out there and were on set for some of the shooting and got to meet the stars and watch,” she said. “It was super exciting.”

The writer has been busy following the excitement in 2017, penning another Christmas romance, ‘A Convenient Christmas Proposal’ which was published recently.

Carmichael says the pandemic has been significant and devastating, but she decided to avoid anything coronavirus related in her storylines, as she knows people sometimes turn to books to escape reality. 

“There’s comfort food and there’s comfort reading and there’s comfort shows,” she said.

“The things you could turn to when the world seems a bit crazy.”

Carmichael says her latest novel might not be turned into another film but she is in discussion about another book that might be.

Carmichael’s ‘A Convenient Christmas Proposal’ can be purchased online

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