Back to the mid-teens again in Calgary


Let’s take yesterday, and let’s do it again.

One little change: the wind will come predominantly from the southwest, instead of due west. This shouldn’t impact our temperature expectations all that much.

Yesterday afternoon’s gusts topped forecast model expectations by a fair bit, climbing to 54 km/h before faltering at the dinner hour. That caused a climb to the mid-teens. Today’s wind gust models seem to have learned from yesterday’s shortfall and are indicating gusts back toward the mid-40s.

Because of our upper ridge climbing from the southwest, we’re shaping for the formation of a low in central Alberta by the afternoon, delivering showers and snow showers further north. Freezing rain is also possible up that way. Southern Alberta, meanwhile, will likely continue with a neat little trend that began yesterday:

It’s likely Alberta takes the cake again today. Linden also saw the 17 C marker yesterday, with new temperature records for Willow Creek near Jasper, Hendrickson Creek, and Beaverlodge. The latter two are near Grand Prairie.



  • Partly cloudy, windy again! 40 km/h gusts from the southwest
  • Daytime high: 15 C
  • Evening: plenty of cloud, low 6 C


  • Mainly sunny
  • Daytime high: 12 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 0 C


  • Partly cloudy, with a slight chance for afternoon showers
  • Daytime high: 6 C
  • Evening: the clocks “fall back!” Some cloud, low -1 C


  • Sunny
  • Daytime high: 6 C
  • Evening: mainly clear, low -3 C


  • Sunny
  • Daytime high: 4 C
  • Evening: mainly clear, low -3 C

Time for our pics of the day:

Let’s begin with that brilliant sunset, captured by Diane:

Then, Craig in Signature Park sent this photo, shooting straight up from his balcony in the city’s southwest:

The Northern Lights put on a brilliant display overnight, and well into this morning, if the light pollution wasn’t a factor. Thanks to everyone for sending these by.

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