Amber Alert issued for two children allegedly abducted in northern B.C.

Police in northern B.C. have issued an Amber Alert for two children believed to have been abducted in Fort St. John.

The alert issued late Saturday morning indicates that four-year-old Liam Bellamy and 10-month old Myra Bellamy were allegedly abducted from 8919 91st Street in the northeastern B.C. city around 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 24.

The suspect in the alert is the children’s father, 36-year-old Jason Dalrymple.

According to the alert, the children may be travelling with the suspect and their mother, Dawn Bellamy, in a 2004 olive green Jeep Grand Cherokee with B.C. licence plate number HT184A.

Anyone who sees the vehicle or the family is advised not to approach, but instead to call 911.

Police describe Liam as having short, dark brown hair with brown eyes, while his baby sister Myra has very light hair with blue-hazel eyes.

Police say their father is balding and often wears hats or toques, and he has a moustache or goatee that’s light brown and reddish in colour.

The children’s 23-year-old mother is described as being Indigenous with dark brown hair, brown eyes and potentially wearing blue glasses.

Amber Alerts are intended for “only for the most serious, time-critical child abduction cases,” according to the B.C. RCMP

The RCMP says they are not typically issued in cases involving suspected parental abductions, “except in life-threatening situations.”

Amber Alerts are issued only when all of following criteria are met, according to police:

  • The victim is under the age of 18
  • Police have reasonable grounds to believe that the victim has been abducted
  • Police have reasonable grounds to believe the victim is in imminent danger
  • Police have obtained enough descriptive information about the victim, abductor and/or the vehicle involved
  • Police believe that the alert can be issued in a time frame that will provide a reasonable expectation that the child can be returned or the abductor apprehended

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