Alberta Teachers Association supports vaccine mandates for teachers, staff


The Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) has come out in support of “reasonable” policies that would require school staff be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

“The best way to support student safety at a time when so many students cannot be vaccinated is to ensure that the adults around them are vaccinated,” ATA President Jason Schilling said in a Tuesday news release. 

“We cannot mandate vaccination for our members so we are making it clear that we believe those who can—like the Government of Alberta or individual school boards—should.” 

The ATA also released outlines for the specific conditions (see below) it felt needed to be met for a vaccine mandate to be considered reasonable. 

“These conditions ensure that mandates are temporary and reviewable, that reasonable accommodations are available and that noncompliance is handled in a way that is non-disciplinary but still protects school safety,” a release said. 

In addition to supporting vaccine mandates, the ATA said it doesn’t anticipate providing support to members wishing to challenge vaccine mandates — as long as the mandates meet the conditions they outlined. 

“School boards will have to ensure that employee privacy is respected as much as possible and personal information will have to be stored securely, but this is an area where a balancing of rights and responsibilities is warranted,” Schilling said. 

The ATA represents some 46,000 members.

Policy and Statement of ATA in Support of Vaccine Mandate 


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