Alberta looks to mineral resource production to help diversify economy

CALGARY — The province has convened an expert panel tasked with helping Alberta become a world leader in mineral resource production.

“The five-member Mineral Advisory Council will help government unlock Alberta’s vast, untapped geological potential for various minerals that are in increasing global demand,” the province said in a release.

“These minerals include lithium, vanadium, uranium, rare earth elements, diamonds, and potash – many of which are used to manufacture batteries, cell phones, energy storage cells, and other modern products.

“This potential, along with the province’s reputation as a leader in responsible resource development, puts Alberta in a good position to become a preferred international producer and supplier of minerals and mineral products.”

The province will also engage stakeholders to gather input on the elements of a successful mineral strategy.

“These elements include improving public access to quality data about mineral occurrences in Alberta, having a streamlined regulatory environment in place that assures environmentally responsible development, enhancing opportunities for Indigenous Peoples, promoting innovation and attracting investment,” read the release.

“Engagement participants will include Indigenous, exploration and development, environmental and conservation, and research and innovation groups, as well as farming, landowner, and municipal organizations. Following this engagement, the government plans to release its complete strategy and action plan in spring 2021.”

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